Responder Credentialing

Responders affiliated with any of the emergency response departments located in Clay County should complete the Credentialing Form in this section and submit it to their supervisor for verification prior to submitting the completed form to the Emergency Management Office, 703 Second Street in Clay Center.  

Please call the Emergency Management Office, 785-632-5802, to schedule the required identification photo or to receive information regarding the requirements for submitted photos.

Employees of any city or county department or office in Clay County as well as all city and county elected officials should also complete the credentialing process using the form in this section and submitting it to the Emergency Management Office.  

Officials and responders from other counties in Kansas should contact their county's Emergency Management Office to receive instructions for credentialing in their county.

To learn more about the Credentialing System in use in Kansas and surrounding states, follow this link.

Submit your completed request form to:

Clay County Emergency Management

703 Second Street

Clay Center, KS 67432

Contact the Emergency Management Office at 785-632-5802 if you have questions.

Submit the "Clay County Personnel form 2017rev2" to request your official responder or employee Identification Card