Storm Sirens

Do you know the location of the nearest siren to your home or place of business? 

Do you know that "storm sirens" located in most communities are meant to warn people that are outdoors?  They are not intended to be heard inside a building or home.  We refer to those warning sirens as "Outdoor Warning Devices."

It is important to remember that due to improvements in construction methods over the years emergency sirens may not be heard indoors.   When your windows are closed and the air conditioner, washing machine, television and dishwasher are running, you will not be able to hear the outdoor warning devices.

It is highly recommended that additional notifications systems are utilized indoors!  Have at least one NOAA Weather Alert Radio on every level of your home or business.  Be sure that it is properly programmed and that all your family members know your family emergency plans.  If your home or business is large, add additional NOAA Weather Alert Radios to ensure occupants can hear the alert tones throughout the facility.

All Storm Sirens in Clay County are activated according to the policy linked to this page.  Be sure you know the policy for siren activation in other communities you visit.

Activation Policy

Storm Siren

Outdoor Emergency Siren