County Zoning

The minimal acreage for any newly created parcel of land, not part of an approved subdivision, is five (5) acres.

Documentation Required for Building Permit

  • Owner of Record of at least 5 acres
  • Approved Well Permit
  • Approved Sanitation Permit is obtained by contacting Marlene Stamm of NCK Environmental, LLC., at  785-770-2057.
  • Highway Department Notification for driveway, call at 785-632-3456.
  • Site Map
  • Structure Plan
  • Floor Plan

Note: No fee is charged when the county issues a building permit.

Rezoning Fees 

(Approved as of December, 15 2003)

  • Agricultural to Residential: $100
  • Plat: $100
  • Business and Commercial: $150
  • Special Use and Industrial: $200