Conservation District Services

Drill Rental for Grass, Alfalfa & Grain Seeding

Type of Drill
Number of Drill(s) Available for Rent
Rental Fee
10-Foot Drill Equipped With No-Till Coulters 2 $10.00 Per Acre With $50.00 Minimum Charge
7-Foot Drill
1 $7.50 Per Acre With $40.00 Minimum Charge

Drip Torches

  • 2 drip torches for prescribed burning available with no charge

Grass Seed Sales

  • Grasses and forbs to meet your specifications

Trees & Shrubs

  • Tree and shrub seedlings available through the Kansas Forest Service for conservation planting

Weed Barrier Fabric

  • 6 feet by 500 feet
  • 6 feet by 300 feet
  • 3 feet by 300 feet

Marking Flags

  • Highly visible fluorescent pink flags