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County Clerk

  1. Request for Birth, Death or Marriage Record from 1885 to 1911

    This request is only for the years that are in the County Clerk's Office. The office has birth, death, and marriage records from 1885... More…

District Court

  1. Open Record Request Form

    You may fill this out and submit your request by email, but you will need to mail in your payment of $12.00 before record search will... More…

Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

  1. Request House Address Sign

    Generally we think of disasters as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods etc. but the word "disaster" is defined as "any happening that causes... More…

Highway Department

  1. Report a Sign Down
  2. Request Road Maintenance

    Brief description of work needing to be done.

  1. Request for Right of Way Info

    Request information on specific road right of way.

Weed Department

  1. Noxious Weed Complaint Form

    If you would like to report a noxious weed on a county Right of Way or report private land that has a noxious weed problem. Fill out... More…