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August 24, 2009

Commissioner Spicer, Commissioner Mayo, and Commissioner Thurlow were all present for a regular meeting beginning at 8:25 a.m. The minutes were approved as printed. Payroll in the amount of $147,338.73 was reviewed and approved. Bills in the amount of $91,758.00 were reviewed and approved.
Dana Rickley, Health Administrator, met with the Board. The Chairman signed the acceptance paper for a grant that Clay County received from the State of Kansas in the amount of $13,309 for Public Health Emergency Preparedness.

The contract with Intertech Industries, LLC for the Forgivable Loan/Grant Terms and Conditions in the amount of $50,000 was approved by the Board. The Loan Recipients will provide regular, annual updates to the Economic Development Office by December 31 of each year, regarding the following:
Increase/decreases in employment
Progress of production of prototype
Sales contracts for the products
Information regarding relationship between GT and Loan Recipients regarding production of parts

Steve McAnally, County Appraiser, reported to the Board that due to the financial shortfalls being faced by the State, Property Valuation Division has made a request that Counties consider providing financial assistance to help cover the cost of software updates for the appraisal software ORION. Mr. McAnally has requested a written documentation from the Director of PVD, as well as a final cost estimate for each county, and reminded them that the Counties are experiencing difficult financial times as well.

Deanna Turner, Arlene Reed, Verna Lee Musselman, Wellness Council and Ann Parr, My Own Book Project, met with the Board. This is the fourth year that Ms. Parr has worked with the book projects. The projects have all been with school children who write a story and enter it on the computer and then it is published in a hard back book. Permission was granted from the publishing company for this project to be with Clay County senior citizens to write the stories and then partner with an eighth grader to type the story onto the computer. The cost for 25 senior citizens to have their stories published will be $2607.50. Commissioner Mayo made the motion to pay $2607.50 to the Wellness Council and to also donate $500 to the Green Christmas Festival. This is to be paid out of the Alcohol Fund. Commissioner Thurlow seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Chuck Dunn, Sheriff, met with the Board. The daily expenses of housing prisoner’s, wages and budgets were discussed.

Steve Liby, Highway Administrator, reported on the progress of asphalt being laid, and the hauling of rock on roads that had damage from the recent rains. Permission was granted to start the process of sending Letters of Interest to five Consulting firms for the inspection on project 14C4131-01. This project is located on 19th Road between Ottawa and Quail Road. Rick James, County Attorney joined the meeting to discuss the draft agreement with Keystone Pipeline. Mr. James also reported that not all landowners have signed leases with the pipeline at this time.

The Board adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

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Michael W. Spicer, Chairman Kayla Wang, County Clerk

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