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County Landfill

The Clay County Landfill receives refuse from ONLY Clay County residents.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardouse Waste can be disposed of at the Clay County Landfill at anytime by Clay County residents during regular business hours for FREE! We have recently upgraded to Small Quanity Generator status that allows us to charge Clay County Businesses for the disposal of Household Hazardous Waste and Lightbulbs.

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The Cities of Clay Center, Morganville, Wakefield, Green and Longford all have recycling programs in place. Clay County residents may bring their recyclables to the Clay County Landfill and Clay Center residents can either use the curbside services, bring their recyclables to the Landfill or take recyclables to the trailer located at the Waste Water Plant southeast of Clay Center.

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Categories of Refuse

When you bring refuse to the landfill we would appreciate that it be separated in your load into categories. The categories are as follows: Solid Waste, Construction Demolition, Metal, Compost, Brush, Electronic Waste, Household Hazardous Waste, Recycling, and Tires. ALL LOADS MUST BE ROPED OR TARPED! This is according to Resolution dated April 1, 1994 passed by the Clay County Board of Commissioners. This was passed to keep roadsides clear of trash and our neighbor's of the landfill happy.

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Clay County Landfill Gate Fees

Gate Fees for the disposal of refuse at the Landfill

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Disaster Sorting

Example sheet of items to sort for a disaster.

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County Holiday's

Here is a posted copy of the approved Holidays for the County and the Saturday's that we are closed due to Holidays!

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